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Design Week Denbi Maranatha Hospital

Two members of the building committee of the Denbi Hospital Foundation held a Design Week with the architect DELFE & Company from July 3 to 10. The objective of this week was to come up with a good and functional design in an intensive cooperation with the architects, which is expandable in a next phase.
Various topics were discussed and calculated, such as the use of a steel structure, the use of the site slope for a (partial) basement, the foundation, the roof structure, the functional layout of the building and the Operation Room, the patient flow through the building. During the week, a concerned physician from Nordic Hospital in Addis Ababa also chimed in. Finally, there was a consultation at the Dutch embassy to explore whether the embassy could play a role in making arrangements with the government.
All discussions are being incorporated by the architect into new detailed designs and drawings. Thus, great progress has been made in this week. Reason to be grateful and amazed!

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