Denbi Hospital Foundation Ethiopia

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The foundation aims to enable high-quality medical care to benefit poorer populations in Denbi, Debre Zeit, Ethiopia.

To accomplish this goal, the foundation is involved with Denbi Maranatha Health Center PLC in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia. This organization acquired land in 2020 and has an investment permit to build a primary hospital on it. The current supply of medical care in the immediate vicinity of the future hospital is very limited. To obtain basic care, people now have to travel a long way for which there are usually no financial means. In the operation of the hospital, a distinction will be made between the primary target group: patients from poorer population groups, who owe a greatly reduced contribution, and wealthier patients, who owe the usual contribution for medical care. High-quality medical care will also make the hospital attractive to the latter target group.

The goal is that through the mix of paying patients and the primary target population, after a start-up period, the hospital will be able to operate at break-even and not remain dependent on foreign donors. The hospital has no profit objective.

The health care now provided by a primary clinic affiliated with Maranatha Farm in Denbi will be taken over by this hospital once the primary hospital is completed.

Denbi Hospital Foundation Ethiopia aims to raise funds for:

- construction and design of the hospital;
- operating costs in the run-up period to achieving cost recovery;
- costs of non-Ethiopian doctors and nurses working in the hospital and
- Support for the management and financial management of the hospital through the use of experts (volunteers).